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Protecting your rights

At Echelon we believe very strongly in open dialogue, transparency, and an informed consumer.
Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a consumer is a crucial step in ensuring that you receive proper protection.

Echelon Brokers Commission

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How Echelon Brokers are Compensated

As an insurer, Echelon Insurance contracts with insurance Brokers across Canada. Insurance Brokers have the expertise to assess your insurance needs, provide advice and recommend coverage on your behalf. We take great care in ensuring that Echelon Insurance and our Brokers operate to the highest professional standards.


Brokers are compensated in the form of a commission payment derived from a percentage of your insurance premium. Brokers are obligated to disclose their commission earnings on a client’s policy, if so requested. The following is a breakdown of the commissions paid by Echelon Insurance to contracted Brokers:

Contracted BrokerBase Commission

Private Passenger Automobile


Commercial Automobile


Contingent Profit Commission (CPC)

Echelon Insurance pays contingent profit commission to its brokers. Our CPC is not guaranteed but rather dependent on the volume of business and profitability of a broker, combined with Echelon’s underwriting results