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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property legislation in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec require holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to locate and notify the owners of the property that is unclaimed. Unclaimed property may be money owing to someone, for example, an uncashed cheque from a refund or other payment due in the course of business.

While we make every effort to contact our customers to ensure held property is delivered, there are times when property remains unclaimed.  If you believe that we may hold unclaimed property on your behalf and you wish to initiate a search, together with any supporting documentation please email us at ClaimsOperations@echeloninsurance.ca. You will be contacted by a representative within 30 days.  Alternately you may write to us at the following address:

Unclaimed Property c/o Claims Department

Echelon Insurance

5450 Explorer Drive, Suite 200

Mississauga, ON

L4W 5N1