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Business continuity planning guide

One aspect of loss prevention that may not get as much attention as it needs from business owners, is business interruption. Any loss, regardless of the severity or the cause, can potentially lead to an interruption for a commercial business. The scale and length of these interruptions can range from a full shutdown to a partial shutdown, depending on the severity of the loss event.

Flyer describing the steps to build a business continuity plan

Business continuity planning

The type/cause of loss also range. Fires, severe weather, water damage, power disruption, cyber-attacks, or the breakdown of essential equipment are just a few things that could lead to a loss and ultimately an interruption to a business. At Echelon, we believe in taking a proactive approach to loss prevention. No matter what type of business we’re working with, it’s imperative that they have a comprehensive loss prevention strategy in place. Part of that strategy needs to include having a strong business continuity plan to help limit or mitigate business interruption after a loss.

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