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Are you looking for an insurer that can provide personalized service, focusing on what’s important to you and your customers? Do you want to work with a team that continues to innovate by adding new products to an already winning line-up? Echelon Insurance is the partner you need.

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Partnering for Success

At Echelon, we provide unique and specialized insurance coverages through a wide range of Personal and Commercial insurance products offered exclusively through our experienced network of Brokers.

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Committed to our Broker partners

We believe that the insurance needs of Canadian individuals and businesses are best served by a knowledgeable, experienced Broker who can ensure that they have the right coverage in place. Our Brokers are crucial to the safety and success of our customers, and we treat them as true partners. We offer full commissions, a CPC program, and an outstanding claims service.

Why work with Echelon ?

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Specialized products and underwriting

Our Specialty insurance products are backed by our expertise in the markets we focus on, our individualized approach to underwriting, and our commitment to finding the right solutions.

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Personalized service

We work closely with our Brokers to understand their customers’ Specialty needs and provide tailored solutions that fit. Our in-house Loss Prevention and Technical Risk Services experts develop risk mitigation strategies and provide customized recommendations to help commercial business owners proactively prevent loss.

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Sophisticated pricing and analysis of Specialty

We leverage data analytics to gain a holistic understanding of customers’ Specialty needs so we can provide better, more comprehensive coverage at a fair price.

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Financial strength

Our Specialty solutions are backed by over 25 years of experience as well as the financial strength and stability of our parent organization, CAA Club Group, which has served the needs of Canadians for over 100 years.

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