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Collector Vehicle

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Collector Vehicle

You own a collector vehicle and want to make sure that your ‘baby’ is protected, and that your investment is kept as safe as possible. Echelon’s Collector Vehicle Insurance program can help you. As experts in Collector Vehicle insurance and understanding your unique needs, our package insurance policy offers you full protection at a competitive price.

What We Insure

Coverage is available for the following classifications:

  • Old and rare (stock vehicles built before 1930)
  • Collector (stock vehicles built between 1931 and 1979)
  • Muscle (two-door, North American stock cars built from 1960 to 1979)
  • Classic (stock vehicles built from 1980 to 1989)
  • Modified and specialty interest collectibles

To qualify for coverage, your collector car must not be used for driving to work or school, or as regular transportation with an annual mileage of less than 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometres. We know that you want to take your collector vehicle out for an enjoyable drive, which is why Occasional Pleasure Use is included in every policy.


Coverages include:

  • Liability, accident benefits, and physical damage
  • Agreed Value Coverage endorsement (19A) on all of Echelon policies with a limit of insurance based on the appraised value of your collector vehicle
  • Spare Parts coverage of up to $7,500

Deductibles and discounts

There may be discounts available and you’ll also have the option of choosing a deductible amount that’s right for you. Contact your Broker to see what coverage and discounts may apply.

Terms and Payment options

Collector Vehicle policies at Echelon are available for 12-month terms. Premiums can be paid in full or, if eligible, may be paid in monthly installments with our pre-authorized payment plan.