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Insurance for your Collector Vehicle

You own a collector vehicle and want to make sure that your “baby” is protected.

Echelon’s Collector Vehicle Insurance program can help you. Being experts in Collector Vehicle insurance and understanding your needs, our package insurance policy offers you full protection at competitive prices.

Echelon’s Collector Vehicle Program is offered in Alberta and Ontario.

Program highlights:

  • Fully loaded package policy – includes liability, accident benefits, physical damage and much more.
  • Agreed Value Coverage – all of our policies include the Agreed Value endorsement 19A with a limit of insurance based on the appraised value of your collector vehicle.
  • Spare Parts coverage – up to $7,500 in coverage.
  • Competitive Rates – fully loaded package policy.
  • Occasional Pleasure Use – We know that you want to take your collector vehicle out for a pleasure drive – and it’s not a problem. Echelon has you covered.
  • Coverage available for stock, modern classics, modified and specialty interest collectibles.

This product is available in these regions:

  • Alberta
  • Ontario
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