Additional Coverage

Personal Insurance

Hard to Place

Echelon’s Hard to Place insurance program provides insurance for habitational risks that standard insurance companies won’t write. Most insurance carriers today won’t provide homeowner’s coverage if you have:

  • more than 2 mortgages
  • non-standard heating
  • 60 amp electrical service
  • claims activity
  • first time insurance buyers

We believe that you shouldn’t be prevented from obtaining an insurance policy just for these reasons. With adjustments to coverage, terms, exclusions and/or deductibles, Echelon can provide coverage for a reasonable price.

Vacant Dwelling

Your property is now vacant or unoccupied – did you know that your homeowner’s insurance policy does not include coverage for it? This is the case with most of today’s policies. In order to ensure that you have your investment protected, you have to purchase special insurance coverage for your vacant home.

Echelon’s Vacant Dwelling policy provides coverage for dwellings that are vacant or unoccupied.


This product is available in these regions:

  • British Columbia
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